Krizia Victoria’s Work Diary


Each month we publish work diaries from creative women we admire. This month, LA-based video editor Krizia Victoria gave us a look into her work day.

Photo by  Beatrice Helman

7:00 am

I wake up and send a few texts to my friend Victoria. I go back to sleep and wake up at 8:00 am to my sister calling me. We chat for a few minutes.

I start talking about my diet and thinking about food. I'm on the second day of Keto. I stopped last week in solidarity with my boyfriend who was running  a marathon and needed to carb load. It was also a bad week (periods, honey), so eating carbs fits nicely into my gluttony and sadness.

I play Wordscapes for a second. I firmly believe it will make me smarter but ultimately, I'm still looking at my phone, LIKE AN IDIOT. I also deleted Instagram. Yes, I feel better than you! This is only temporary...so I know this feeling is premature and short-lived.

8:30 am

I get up and wash the dishes. It's nice to start the day off with a clean kitchen especially before I make coffee. I look forward to having coffee every morning when I go to bed at night. I take it black because it’s "authentic" and also because I've trained my palette to enjoy the flavour. I dislike coffee when it's unintentionally cold...and I'm a very slow drinker. I feel bad because I end up wasting cups because I can't stomach the leftovers in my mug. Yes, I know. I'm DISGUSTING.

9 am

I start work at 9 - 9:30. I've started to plan each day according to a 9 to 5 work schedule so I can have more structure. I used to wake up leisurely and then mill about, then start editing. I'm trying to be more cognizant of my time and what I'm spending it on. Scheduling helps me with that. I also have the mind of a toddler. I tend to get distracted easily. I just watched the Toy Story 4 trailer. It looks really good.

9:15 am

I start work. I use a timer to help me stay on track. Harvest is really great (and free) helps me see what I'm actually spending my time on. I think as I get older I realize that you can actually do the things you want to... you just have to dedicate the time in the day. Like we LITERALLY get the same amount of hours and it sucks wasting 3 hours in Instagram creeping on exes and trying to buy stuff I can't afford?

The bulk of my work is editing, graphic design, and motion graphics. I open up Premiere Pro and work on updating the Squarespace Design Course I've been working on since last year. I got feedback from our meeting yesterday. We have a weekly call with the team via Google Hangouts. We go through our tasks in Notion (this amazing workspace app) and figure out what is a priority. It's so helpful for the direction of my work week.

11:30 AM

I take a break and make breakfast with my boyfriend. We had two eggs, arugula, parmesan, bacon, and avocado. It was so tasty. We also made some "fat bombs" for when we're feeling peckish  to help us stay away from carbs.

12:00 PM

I go back to work. I take a break from the course and finish a video featuring Muad'Dib, a cute persian cat that belongs to my employer.

1:00 PM

I have a break scheduled for this time. Do I take it? NAH. I'm subversive. I'm revolutionary. My day is a bit off so I "dismiss" the notification on my computer and keep working.

Use chrome profiles for your different emails (I have 3) and different ~browsing~ styles. One of mine is lawful good, another is true neutral, and the last is chaotic evil (spam and shopping).

3:24 PM

I export the video I was working on. I have two monitors to accommodate the programs I use... and my bad tab habit., I like to have multiple windows. I'm a content monster. TIP: Use chrome profiles for your different emails (I have 3) and different ~browsing~ styles. One of mine is lawful good, another is true neutral, and the last is chaotic evil (spam and shopping).

While my video exports in Adobe Encoder,I work on something else. We're working on a podcast and I start going through concepts and editing a script.

2:40 PM

My video is done exporting! GORGEOUS. I work on another lesson and edit for another hour or so. I tend to work around 25 hours a week. Each day looks similar but different.

4:30 PM

I feel a bit weird from the diet I'm on so I take another break and make parmesan crisps. They are literally crispy pieces of parmesan. I browse DePop and Twitter for a while. It is a placeholder for Instagram.

5:30 PM

Most people would be finishing their day off but I've decided to take a shower and get ready. My body feels weird and I need a fresh start!

5:48 PM

I'm going back to work. My boyfriend is at rehearsal so I'm trying to finish as much work as I can so I can just relax and be present while we watch TV. Tonight, The Act is on Hulu. I am so excited.

5:55 PM

Angel numbers. I make a wish.

You can find Krizia here.