Who’s a baby? You’re a baby!

A sartorial letter of recommendation.


by: nourhan hesham

It’s September, which means that awkward dressing season is nigh if not here already. I hate nothing more than a “transitional wardrobe.” Cardigans are no friend of mine and I’m too anemic to pair something short with something warm. So I have found the perfect solution. Allow me to introduce: the baby dress. 

Not to be mistaken with the baby doll dress. What I’m referring to here is this massive dress which has many an infantile quality with all the seasonal sensibility. It is so large and distracting - you don’t have to worry about your hair. Is it a dress? A kaftan? A robe? Who cares! The sheer strength of this sleeve action is enough to warrant a minimal approach to accessorizing. Really all you have to do is slip it on and not be barefoot (unless that’s your jam, I’m not gonna tell you how to live your life).The real estate on this thing so generous that if you farted, it would most likely circle the perimeter of the dress thrice before penetrating the fabric and reaching the outside world. 

In the incredibly awkward startup no-dress-code-but-sort-of environment, this is your guy if not THE guy. If you’re like me and hate getting dressed/hate clothes that distract you from what you are doing/ hate thinking about your presentation in the outside world and how much it relies on your sartorial choices then I suggest this dress. A gorgeous number that will make you look like a giant baby. Easy, breezy (literally), one and done.

You can find Nourhan here.